Spring Clean Your Home Towards A Sale

  • By 365EstateAgents
  • 26th March 2020

Spring is here and now is the time many of us look to carry out a major blitz of cleaning on our homes and it is particularly important to do a big clean if you are selling your property.

We’ve said it before – first impressions count. It’s vital if you want to attract a potential buyer that you do everything you can to make their first impression the best it possibly can be. Taste issues can be forgiven by a potential buyer (in most cases!) but cleanliness is a given so get the marigolds out, let Mr Sheen be your buddy for the next few hours, turn the music up loud and get cleaning!!

To ensure your property shines throughout the selling process, we recommend a deep spring clean and then it’s much easier to keep on top of day to day cleaning prior to any viewings.

1. Open all windows – get plenty of fresh air in! Stale air is unpleasant so make sure you air your home daily.

2. Steam clean carpets – stained carpets are very off putting so get the steam cleaner out. Failing that, get the professionals out. Although buyers may look to change carpets as soon as they own the property, that bad first impression can be enough for them to look elsewhere.

3. Vacuum and mop flooring areas – shake out rugs and door mats.

4. Wash windows, inside and out – make sure as you wash when the sun isn’t shining directly on windows or you will have loads of streaks, not the polished look you’re striving to achieve.

5. Polish everything – floors, skirting boards, mirrors, taps, door handles, light switches, light bulbs…sounds extreme but any dust can stop light reflecting brilliantly and you want your home to shine and be as bright as possible.

6. Wardrobes and Cupboards – viewers look everywhere and will have a nosey into wardrobes, especially built in ones, and kitchen cupboards. Make sure these areas are clean and tidy. If they aren’t, viewers can feel that space is an issue.

7. Clean the oven and the fridge – again, viewers will look into these so make sure they are clean, fresh and tidy. Don’t forget to clean the cooker hood.

8. Wash and squeegee-finish tiled walls and shower screens/doors – soap scum can leave tiles and doors looking dull and do nothing to help a viewer picture themselves living in your house.

9. Wipe down kitchen surfaces – clear all worktops and ensure you clean every inch of the surface, making sure to dry off so there are no streaks. Viewers will run their hands over kitchen worktops so you don’t want toast crumbs, residue from split drinks etc.

Once you’ve finished on the kitchen surfaces you deserve to stick the kettle on, sit back and relax!


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